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We’ve combed the web so that you don’t have to, finding the ten most important stories from the nursery world in January. Only the stuff that matters, without any of that extra fluff.

This month features 30 hours, the importance of play and a new app dubbed the airbnb of daycare…

30 Hours

We’ve known about the introduction of 30-hour funding from the government for some time, but this month we finally had some clear news about how they plan to to pay for it.

The government says that the £50m in funding could help make 9,000 places, as the list of 200 schools receiving the funding has been released.

But many say it’s not so clear cut. The guardian reports that one in ten nursery schools could face closure as a result of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ led by the the 30-hour policy.

++ A lobby group, the Pre-School Learning Alliance have suggested that the government have woefully underestimated the number of children eligible, potentially leading to thousands missing out on childcare.

++ A similar scheme in Scotland is facing fresh attacks, as critics say the government hasn’t even met the existing target of 600 hours per year.

++ Keen to educate parents on how the 30 hours will affect them? This brilliant guide is an excellent resource on what the scheme means for parents.

UK Nurseries being snapped up

This month heralded the biggest ever foreign acquisition of a UK nursery, as the largest nursery chain in France bought the 16 setting group Magic Nurseries.

This may be just the beginning, thinks Courteney Donaldson, as we could see more moves like this in 2017, particularly from China.

The importance of play

We all know the importance of play in shaping our children’s future, and this playground in California has found a way to address a 30-million word vocabulary gap that exists between low- and upper-income children using the idea of play. Not bad.

++ This TED talk from Dr Stuart Brown shows us why play matters so much, regardless of your age.

Why State Nurseries Matter

With increasing concern across the UK about closing nurseries, Mark Dixon tells us why we need to fight to keep state nurseries open, and the crucial role they play in child development every day.

Watch That Occupancy Rate

OK, so this is cheating a bit. But we’ve come up with some simple steps any nursery can take to increase their occupancy rate. Keep those eyes peeled for more in-depth guides coming up this month.

An Airbnb for nurseries?

Rachel Carell thinks she’s found the answer to childcare in the capital. Koru Kids, dubbed the Airbnb of nurseries, helps londoners find other families to share nannies with.

It already has over 1,000 parents signed up through word of mouth alone and has just closed on £600,000 of funding, with Carell counting the co-founder of Gumtree among her investors.

Parent Co-op Nurseries the future?

The New Economics Foundation certainly thinks so. They’ve just set up a pilot project to see how the model might work, blending professional skill and expertise with parents’ experience.

How do these nurseries work? The Guardian reports on Grasshoppers in the Park, a leading example based in Hackney.

In other news…

++ Wish you could get your nursery closer to nature? Well, one chain is building the world’s first nursery in a park, and in one of the most densely populated cities in the world…

++ Remember when you looked forward to being an adult? Us too. Babble asked british kids what they were most looking forward to about being all grown up (Getting up whenever you want? Keep on dreaming kids…)

++ That moment when you’ve finally got a child down to sleep and you realise you’re too afraid to move? Well this mum went viral after finding a novel solution…

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