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This month we’ve got all corners covered, from the importance of men in the childcare industry to Peter Andre’s opinion on the 30 hours. Really.

Men in Early Years

Reportedly, less than 2% of early years workers are male, part of a wider problem about the role of men in education. So how do we redress this imbalance? In short, we need to actively build an environment where children, parents and early years workers see both female and male practitioners as normal and healthy.

++ Whether it’s about bringing different experiences and perspectives to the children they care for or helping to change the ways nurseries connect with fathers across the board, we need more men in early years.

++ Jamie Leith and James McCrossen are aiming to tackle this problem head on by setting up Manny & Me, a nannying and childcare agency trying to get more men into the industry.

Champagne Nurseries, Lemonade Funding.

The fair funding campaign Champagne Nurseries on Lemonade Funding have chalked up a couple of key scalps this week. First, they seized on a chance meeting with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron to spread the message and receive his approval. What’s even more impressive than getting support from the leader of a major political party? They also got Peter Andre to draw attention to their cause and retract the poorly researched and disparaging comments he’d made previously.

++ The Government have released further funding to help meet their pledge, somewhere between £50M-£55M. The announcement didn’t meet with widespread approval though, as the Preschool Learning Alliance criticised the government’s ‘drip feed approach’.

++ The government released their first complete guide for LA’s and early years providers on how they should provide the funding. Check it out here.

The Great Outdoors

An outdoor-focused nursery that teaches children about nature, and even educates them on how to use a saw, was rated as ‘outstanding’ in a recent Ofsted report. The report noted especially high levels of independence and self-confidence.

++Ever wondered what it’s like teaching at an outdoor nursery like this? Here’s Carina Culliney on what a day in the life of a forest school teacher is like.

How to advertise your nursery job

Each month, we like to take the opportunity to share with you some of the cool stuff we’ve written about too, so here we go. If you’re looking for a new member of staff and feeling unsure on how to get your job ad seen, look no further than our ultimate guide to advertising your nursery job. With everything from the best job boards, to how to utilise social media, we’ve got you covered.

And don’t forget you can still download our free ebook all about how to promote your nursery. Get it while it’s hot.

Tax free childcare

This month we got more information about what exactly tax-free childcare would entail after the scheme went live across the UK. However, concerns have been raised by many after it was found that just over a third of childcare providers had actually registered to support tax-free childcare.

Let kids run free

This month, we loved this opinion piece by Patrick Barkham on the value of letting kids run free. And he’s not the only one. The importance of allowing kid’s their freedom has been an important part of the childcare discussion for some time. Here’s a childhood expert on a disturbing claim that children are being ‘reared in captivity.

Noticing trauma in children

It’s something that you hope will never happen. But if one of the children in your care does suffer a loss or bereavement to someone close to them, how do you monitor it? With some symptoms of grief not appearing at all until as much as 6 months after the fact, this was an insightful read on what to look out for and what to do about it.

The UK’s most expensive childcare

Always wondered how the costs of childcare in your area compare to other locations around the country? You’re in luck. Unsurprisingly, London came out on top, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few shocks further down the list…

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