The Famly Sessions Reopening Childcare
Catch up on the three sessions covering practicalities, safeguarding and pedagogy down below!

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the topic of reopening childcare has gained momentum. To help people get clear answers, this Famly Sessions handled the practicalities of reopening, how to manage safeguarding and vulnerable children, and pedagogies.

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Mine Conkbayir
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The Practicalities: Setting up a socially distant early years setting

We spoke with early years consultant Alison Featherbe, and Anne Therkelsen, a nursery leader at Børnehuset Evigglad in Denmark, where nurseries have already been open for a few weeks about how settings can prepare for reopening and what it might look like when it happens.

Safeguarding: What has lockdown meant for vulnerable children

Safeguarding expert and co-founder of The Early Years Hub joined author and early years educator Mine Conkbayir to discuss the impact that lockdown may have had on vulnerable children and techniques for how to lessen this.

Pedagogy: Supporting children’s wellbeing and learning post-lockdown

In the final session historian and chartered early years psychologist Dr Pam Jarvis and early years consultant Jan Dubiel discussed how children’s transition back to the setting can be supported by staff and parents.

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