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Hungry Caterpillars Day Nurseries

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Hungry Caterpillars Day Nurseries began when Director Oliva Foley’s daughter was just two years old. Not satisfied with the childcare options around her, she wanted to start a nursery she’d be proud to send her child to.

Now, 20 years later, Olivia and her team run ten nurseries across West London and the surrounding area. While her daughter might have moved on, providing the sort of childcare that she would want for her own children has always been a priority for Olivia and her team.

But with a software platform in place that had stopped developing and was becoming clunky, the group was not running as efficiently as Olivia would have liked. But could switching to a new provider help? And could it be done quickly and easily? Well, that’s we’ll find out…

Who are Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries?

Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries are a 10-setting organisation that operate across West London and the surrounding areas. They believe in providing an environment where every day is an adventure, with staff who offer a warm and supporting environment for every child.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn about why making a switch to an easy-to-use system like Famly won’t take the kind of resources and time you might expect. Olivia explains why the process was so quick, and why she wishes she’d done it sooner.

You’ll also hear from some of her staff about why it was so easy for them to pick Famly up, and the difference it’s made to their relationships with parents and time with the children.

What are they saying?

“It’s been incredibly easy to roll out, so much easier than we anticipated – probably we wouldn’t have taken so long to make our decision had we known.”

“The automated late fee notifications and the direct debits being collected through Famly Pay, we collect that alone will save us about four days a month.”

Olivia Foley, Director, Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries

And who are Famly?

Famly makes better nursery management software. We help hundreds of providers across the UK to streamline the tedious admin and paperwork that comes with running a nursery.

See Famly for yourself
Famly offers an all-in-one solution to save you time. To schedule a demo, just send us a few details.

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