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Famly in December.

Welcoming assisted funding to the Famly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if public funding wasn’t taking up hours of your day?

Enter a few numbers, click a few buttons and it’s all sorted, letting you carry on with your day knowing that you’ve got the most out of the public funding in your area?

Well then. We think you’re going to like some of our new features this month…

Assistance with your funding headaches

Assisted Public Funding is now available in Famly. Once you’ve set up a child’s plan, you simply select the number of funded hours and Famly will distribute them to the cheapest sessions throughout the week.

Picking the cheapest sessions can help to reduce some of the losses you might be making on your LA’s funding rate, all without having to spend any time up to your neck in calculations and planning.

Once set up, you’ll be able to easily see which hours are being funded, giving you the flexibility to make changes as and when you see fit.

Next steps and more..

There’s plenty to get excited about in the child development section of Famly this month too.

We’ve added a next steps hub, where you can quickly see an overview containing the latest next step for every child in the setting. It’s a nice place to start when you’re looking at activities to move the children forward with their development.

We’ve also added the ability to drill-down into each child’s progress within the progress report. This lets you see exactly where the percentage calculations come from and how they link back to the observations you’ve made.

More tools to plan effectively, without adding a single sheet to your pile of paperwork.

Know your availability

How do you calculate your availability? We’re willing to bet it involves a certain amount of tinkering, playing with spreadsheets, and the odd mental calculation.

But no more. The brand new occupancy planner gives you an instant overview of every room, on every day, long into the future. The colour-coded report allows you to easily see when your occupancy is looking good, or when you might want to think about getting some new children in.

It’s a quick overview at your fingertips for those times when parents ask, and it’s a powerful report to plan your occupancy and ensure your success long into the future too.

Plan your staffing with more accuracy

There’s some big changes afoot with the Famly Room Planning app, and the real highlight is the addition of mixed staff ratios.

If you who have mixed age ranges in a single room, the room planning app will now automatically calculate the total staff ratio you need for the room based on the children that are actually going to be there. Staffing ratios you can trust and no more messy sums.

Also new this month:

  • Cohort Tags – Planning a trip away? Want to know the correct staffing ratios for certain clubs or groups? Simply add the children to a tagged group in Famly and you can see staff ratios for that group with a single click.
  • AM/PM Split – Instead of the usual detailed breakdown, you can get a simple overview of the staff ratios you need in the morning and afternoon by switching to an AM/PM split.
Bookmark the important stuff

Do you ever send out posts that you want parents to keep safe?

It might be policies and procedures or key documents. It might be trip details or other crucial information. Or it might just be a parent’s favourite photo of their child.

However they want to use it, parents can now save any post they like and access it whenever it suits them.

Now supporting CSV exports for attendance

We know that many childcare settings like to be able to export attendance records from their management system.

It could be child attendance data that you need to check safeguarding issues, or it might simply be exporting staff attendance for payroll. Either way, you can now get all the data you need in a CSV format with just a click of a button.

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