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Famly in February.

Read about all the exciting new features we’ve added this month.

Phew, what a month.

At Famly HQ we’ve been working night and day to bring you all sorts of new features that will make running your nursery that little bit easier. Alright, so it’s mostly day, but it gets dark pretty early here in Denmark. That counts right?

Anyway, enough about our dwindling evening sunshine, we’ve got far more important things to talk about…

New Room-Planning App

First up is a new feature that should make planning your staffing as easy as pie.

The room planning app takes data from your planned attendance records, and uses your preferred staff to child ratios to let you know exactly how many children will be in, when and where, and how many staff you’ll need to cover them.

One pretty nifty feature is that instead of detailing every session for the day, you only see a new section when the total amount of registered children changes. So instead of poring through a report the size of War & Peace, you should get a pretty good idea from no more than a quick glance.

Newsfeed Changes

We’ve also added two new features that will improve the way you communicate with your parents. Well not YOUR parents – we can’t help you with that one.

Drafts – Keep finding yourself halfway through writing an update when a minor disaster requires your urgent attention? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. All posts including recipients and images are now automatically saved as drafts, and you can go back to them at any time by clicking on that new icon to the right of the send box.

Sending ‘from’ – We’ve also customised the send field so that you can easily select who your message is coming from. Which sender you can choose will depend on your permissions, but options include the class, the whole nursery and the management, or you can still choose to send from little old you.

Food Consumption

OK, so this one’s a bit sneaky. Technically it’s been around since January, but we’ve been getting great feedback from our customers, and we wanted to make sure you knew all about it.

Start by clicking on a child. Now, just next to where you register things like nap time, you can enter what they ate from the meal plan. This lets parents can see what their children are eating each day and how much of it they had. Simple.

Adding notes

Are you a post-it lover? You’re not alone – you should see my desk.

Sometimes when you’re updating a child’s plan you might need to leave a little note for someone else, whether that’s an explanation for an added discount, a way to keep track of public funding, or even just planned future changes that you haven’t entered in yet.

Now, instead of littering their desk with those little yellow things, just click on the note function in the top right hand corner and get typing.


Whether you’re looking to add specific discounts for certain groups of people, or introduce a volume pricing plan to reward increased sessions with lower prices, we’ve got the answer.

Under the settings in the Plans app, you can create preset discounts that can be applied to a plan at the click of a button. Whether it’s for staff, siblings or for a special offer that you’re running, just set the amount, name the discount and it’s ready to go.

Our volume pricing preset also allows you to introduce discounts as parents book more sessions for their children. You select the sessions to be included and set the price per number of sessions, and Famly does all the hard work of applying it to each child’s plan.

That’s it for February. Check back in a month to hear about all the good stuff we’ve got planned. We’re only just starting to get warmed up…

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