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Famly in January.

The first in a brand new, regular series on the most recent additions to our platform.

Here at Famly, we’re always listening to our nurseries and daycares to find out how to make life easier for them. 2017 is no different, and our product team has been working hard to add the features that matter most to you.

Read on for just some of the new features we’ve introduced in the past year.

Brand New Apps

In 2016, we introduced two brand new apps to the platform.

Lists allows nursery staff to create quick, dynamic lists and sort the children based on their information. We’ve seen nurseries using them to do everything from creating evacuation registers, to documenting allergies and parent phone lists.

Documents is a new way to share internal files with your staff. Teams can now organise important forms, reports and learning material into different folders, giving all of your teachers and managers access to everything they need at the click of a button.

Personal Photo Galleries

In August, we introduced the ability for parents to tag pictures of their children and organise them inside the Famly App. See a picture of your child on the newsfeed, tap the ‘tag’ button, and the picture will be stored in a personalised photo gallery within your child’s profile. It’s that simple.

Customised Finish & Activity Times

If a child needs to be sent to an activity or leave at a specific time, parents can now add this directly into the app on their profile. More flexibility, happier parents.

Even More Secure

Along with all of our existing security features, in 2016 we changed the way your staff login to the platform. Instead of just one shared login, you can now attribute each member of staff a specific account and password. By doing so, roles and permissions for different parts of the platform can be customised for each member of your team, ensuring that the right people have access to the right functions at all times.

More Information, Better Planning

There are new features on the child profiles too, so that parents can now put in more information, helping you with planning everything from lessons and mealtimes to how parents are invoiced.

We’ve added Health Information and Sensitive Information sections to let parents document things like allergies and existing health conditions, as well as their ethnicity and religion.

Two more new tabs, Plans and Billing let you manage the plan for each child and select the recipients of invoices too.

And that’s not all. We’ve got plenty of exciting new features planned for 2017, so keep your eyes peeled for more of the good stuff. Watch this space!

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