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Famly in July.

Easier searching, better plans, more control. It's a biggie.

Watch out. About to say something pretty cliched. But you’ll have to trust me on this one.

This month we’ve been focusing on you.

We get a load of requests for features in from customers both new and old, and this month we’ve spent most of our time giving the people exactly what they want. That means ways to make our existing features even more useful to the hundreds of nurseries that use Famly every day. It also means a few brand new features dreamed up by the people who we work with every day.

Now, I think it’s time we went off for a bit of me-time. Maybe we’ll go to a spa, get a massage. I think we’ve earned it.

Everything is a search away…

A few months ago, we added a search bar for our nursery providers, helping them to quickly access child and staff profiles, as well as parent invoices.

This time, we’ve decided to go one step further. You can now use that search bar to find anything you’ve posted on the newsfeed, including pictures, videos, documents and posts.

Even better, we’ve extended it to parents this time, making it easier for them to find their favourite picture of their little one, or even that post you made a few weeks ago about what to bring on the next trip.

Plan A, Plan B

We’ve made a few more changes to our plans this time round, starting with the ability to add surcharges. This means that on top of adding recurring sessions and products, you can put in an unspecified surcharge on a weekly or monthly basis.

We’ve also been hearing that many providers simply want to take a quick look at a child’s plan, without having to go into every detail of it. That’s why we’ve redesigned how plans look on the ‘plans’ tab, allowing you to quickly see all the information you need, in a fraction of the time.

Never miss a permission change

We realise that keeping on top of parent permissions is crucial for nurseries. We’ve had them in every child’s profile for a while now, but we thought it was time to make a few improvements.

Now, if a staff has a room starred, they’ll receive a notification every time a permission changes. Whether it’s permission to give first aid or use photographs, apply sunscreen or go on a trip, they won’t miss a change again.

Even more control

We’ve made our digital daily sheets a whole lot simpler. Whether it’s nappy changes or nap times, you can now add the exact time that it happened, rather than noting that it was 10, 20 or 30 minutes ago.

We’ve also added an option for management to see who registered a meal or changed a permission, and exactly when they did it. You get a much better overview of exactly what’s going on, and a way to solve any disputes quickly and decisively.

Who’s coming in?

We’ve always kept it alphabetical at Famly. Adam first, Zoe last. Simple. But we realised that isn’t always the best way.

That’s why we added the option to see only the children who are in that day, sorted in the order that they arrive. We’ve heard it’s particularly useful for after-school clubs, but we’re hoping this quick overview should give providers of all sizes a little helping hand with their planning too.

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