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Famly in June.

Hourly priced sessions are here. Come and get them while they’re hot!

Ah, summer. Picnics in the park. Lazy Sunday walks. Drinking too much Pimms. And hourly priced sessions.

Hourly priced sessions? That’s right. We’re coming in strong with a heavily requested feature this month. So put your feet up for two seconds and read on to find out about that and all the other lovely stuff we’ve been doing this month.

And don’t forget that Pimms!

Hourly-priced sessions

You spoke and we listened. Whether you choose to charge all of your sessions by the hour, or simply want to add on special after-hours rates, Famly can now do it all.

You create them just the same as a regular session, then add your chosen hourly rate. You can make as many different rates as you’d like, and easily add them onto a child’s recurring plan or as an ad-hoc session if it’s a one-off.

Ultimate flexibility, all wrapped up in a brand new design that makes organising a child’s plan that little bit simpler. Oh, and it all works with our one-of-a-kind automated public funding. Winner.


Perfect for late payments or late pickup fees, surcharges are the opposite of credits, which we added last month. Simply, it’s an easy way to add a charge to a bill payer that will be added to their next invoice.

Choose the amount, add a note, and it will be automatically added the next time you invoice through Famly, helping you to keep on top of your finances every month.

Quickly Add Payments

This month, we’ve been thinking about our invoices. It’s what we do when we start feeling all summery.

We realised that adding payments to invoices could be even simpler. So now, instead of going to the bill payer to mark an invoice as paid, just search for the invoice name and you’ll be taken straight to the invoice. Simply click on it and it will pop up. Now, you just hit ‘Add Payment’ and the invoice will be marked as paid. Simple as it gets.

New Child Overview

We’ve also added a completely new module in the settings which allows you to get a quick overview of all children, and add new kids in seconds.

You can see contacts and the current monthly plan that each child is on at a glance, and there’s a similar module for staff too, helping you to get a quick overview of your whole nursery with ease.

Manually Input grants

If you’re not using our automated public funding, you can now manually input the grants for each child, giving more clarity to each child’s finances and invoicing. It will allow you to spot the difference between what you can claim for each child, and what the hours are actually worth to you at a normal rate.

Nice. But why does that matter? Well, it’s the start of a brand new feature we’ll be introducing soon. Drum roll please.

Next month, we will be releasing a new app – a full public funding report, helping you to see where you’re losing money and identify ways that you can help to recover those losses at your nursery. Just another way we’re looking to help you optimise the way you run your nursery every day.

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