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Famly in March.

All the new features for you to get your teeth into this month.

A little birdie told me you like new features?

Well we sure hope they weren’t lying, because we’ve put a lot of work in this month off the back of that tip-off.

In February, we’ve been rolling out updates quicker than you can say “Storm Doris ruined my shed”. Maybe even quicker than Doris herself. Either way, we’re sorry about the shed.

In March we’ve got features to improve your invoicing, help you find stuff easier and get a better overview of your staffing. So let’s get started shall we?

Searching for Tommy?

Or Ellen? Or Jess? Or Staff-Rota-Mar-2017-V3.pdf? Well, you’re in luck.

Locked onto the top right of the platform you’ll now find a search bar, which you can use for searching child and staff profiles, and documents too. Basically, you can find everything you need a whole lot quicker and a whole lot more easily. It’s that simple.

Watch out: This is currently just for you desktop users but is coming to mobile very soon.

Flexible Staffing

We know it’s not always easy to manage your staff to child ratios day in, day out, and we want to make it easier for you. Step up flexible room check-in.

First, a staff member checks into a specific room at the start of the day, letting you quickly see how those child-to-staff ratios are looking from minute one.

A good start, but what about if they switch rooms throughout the day? Well, now you just click on the room, choose the member of staff and switch them over. A proper, real-time overview of where all your staff are combined with an easy child attendance report and you can make sure you always have the right staff in the right place at the right time.

More Control

Many problems with nursery management software start with human error. Whether it’s people accidentally changing settings, or incorrectly entering data on a confusing interface, we want to do everything we can to give you reports that you trust.

That’s why we’ve decided to divide and conquer. You’ll now find your finance reports in one place, and your occupancy ones in another.

We get that you want some staff to be able to change child plans but don’t want them anywhere near the invoicing. Equally, some staff need to look at the occupancy reports but you need to keep the revenue and debt private. Now, all this can be done right from your settings.

You can easily change who can edit these options and other settings, including everything from invoicing to your child to staff ratios. So now you can be sure that whatever is being reported is spot on. Nice.

Customisable invoices

It’s now easier to create auto-generated, professional looking invoices. We’ve given our template a little spruce up, and also made it simpler for you to customise the header and footer with your logo and any other information you want to add.

No more messing around with templates or sending out invoices that don’t represent your nursery how you want.

One click and the invoice is generated, emailed and sent to parents in their Newsfeed and via email, giving you more time for that growing to-do list you’ve had stuck to your computer for months (Psst, don’t worry, I’ve got one too).

Other Bits & Bobs

We’ve got a couple of extras for you this month too.

We’ve added some new fields on the child profile, including parent place of work and home phone number so you have everything you need to contact them in an emergency.

There’s now a deposit option on the billing tab. Set a deposit amount and it will automatically be added to the next invoice. Head back there and do the same process in reverse when it’s time to send the deposit back.

Different schools, different term schedules? If that’s your sort of thing you can now set different term dates easily in the revamped settings menu.

That’s all folks, we’ll see you again in a month. In the meantime, why not check out our blog piece on whether data matters for your occupancy management? (Hint: we think it does)

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