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Famly in May.

This month we talk invoicing, more ways to use your data and lunch time!

It’s time to come clean.

We’re a little late this month. No, we didn’t oversleep. We didn’t get caught in traffic. There were no dogs to chew our homework.

We’re late because we wanted to wait and tell you about all the really great stuff that got released today. We just couldn’t make you wait until next month. So with the latest release hot off the press this morning, we won’t make you wait a second longer.

A Revamped Invoicing Tab

In this update we’ve simplified the invoicing tab, making it much easier to get a quick overview of each child’s account.

You can still easily view each bill payer’s information, it’s just one more click away. Under the new ‘see info’ button, there’s a brand new screen, which contains a rundown of their account, their personal information and more.

This is also where we’ve added the brand new voucher function. If part of the parent’s bill is being paid by a voucher company or employer, you simply head to the bill payers page, enter in the amount being paid and add one or two more details.

This will set up a recurring, unconfirmed payment each month, which will be taken off the bill payer’s invoice. When you receive the voucher payment, simply confirm the payment to mark the voucher as paid.

Invoicing Improvements

We’ve also been working hard on making each and every invoice easier for parents to understand. Less time explaining, more time to get on with that to-do list.

Each invoice will now show the previous five invoice and payment amounts at the bottom, along with the parent’s balance each time. With the addition of vouchers, the parents get an overview of the amount of care their child has received. More importantly, they can see exactly what they need to pay and why.

What’s more, if your parents pay for the actual items they receive that month, there is now the option to send them an itemised bill of what they’ve been charged for.


Accidentally overcharged a parent? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Instead of issuing a credit note for the whole invoice and reissuing the corrected one, you simply set a credit on their balance for the difference and this will be automatically taken off their next invoice. Less hassle, and happier parents. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Data export

Need to export your financial data to use elsewhere? You’re in luck.

We now support data export of invoices, payments and bill payer info, either for individual settings or for the whole organisation. Happy days.


We know parents like knowing what’s going on in advance. Now, if you enter what’s on the menu, it’ll show up in the parent’s calendar when they sign their child in, as well as on their newsfeed as it always has. Yummy.

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