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Famly in November.

Help with public funding, comparing child progress and more...

What if you could compare the funding rate you get from your council to the amount you discount from every child’s plan instantly?

How about if you could delete, archive, or search whichever messages you want in one click?

Or maybe you want a progress report that doesn’t look like an endless spreadsheet got attacked by a toddler with a paintbrush and a grudge?

Well, it looks like you’re in luck…

Better Messaging

Instant messaging is a great way to improve on those all-important parent partnerships and keep all of your communications in one place. And it just got even better.

  • Need to find an old message? No problem. You can now use the search bar along the top of the screen to search old messages and find whatever you need.
  • Sent a message to the wrong parent? Embarrassing typo? Every message you now send can be deleted and you can even check to make sure it hasn’t been seen.
  • If you love an ordered inbox, we’ve got just the solution. By archiving conversations, you can keep your inbox clear for new messages without deleting your past conversations.
The Public Funding Report

We know that public funding is a complete headache for childcare providers across the UK, with many of you now having to jump through hoops to make up for the funding shortfall. We wanted to try and help out in any way we could.

The brand new Public Funding Report lets you see the funding rate you get from your LA set against the actual amount discounted from each child’s bill.

What this means is that, at a glance, you’ll be able to see the difference between what you’re losing in revenue and what you’re actually receiving from your LA. This is on a child by child basis, as well as for the whole nursery. No spreadsheet wizardry or manual data entry required.

Compare progress the way you want to

Last month we launched child development within Famly, and the feedback so far has been excellent!

We’re always working with our nurseries and childcare providers to make Famly better, and that’s why we’ve released a new-look progress report.

As well as being able to drill down by cohort and child, you can now easily compare progress across two different dates. Whether you like to see progress based on the EYOs seen in observations, or based on your termly and baseline assessments, you can easily track and assess child development however it suits you.

Find out more about the child development features in Famly.

Preview invoices before you send

We know it’s nice to double check things from time to time. Especially when those things are the invoices you’re sending to parents.

That’s why we’ve made it possible to preview invoices even before you send them. With a simple click, you can see what you’re about to send to a bill payer and get the peace of mind you need.

New and improved plans

We’ve been spending some time on plans too, making sure they’re flexible and transparent enough to work for every setting.

First up, you can now make monthly-priced sessions. Particularly useful if you’re using an annualised plan where parents pay the same amount every month, pricing sessions per month should help to keep the figures simple and clear for everyone involved.

We’ve also added detailed drop downs to every item on the plan summary, making it really easy to see exactly where the final figure has come from in each plan.

And that’s not all..
  • Observation Notifications – Want to be told when you have an observation to review? No problem. We’ll let you know with a notification every time.
  • Notes on Surcharges & Discounts – You can now leave a little note on any discount or surcharge to explain exactly why it’s been applied. This will show up on the parent’s invoice, helping you to keep things transparent and clear.
See Famly for yourself
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