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Famly in September.

Auto-Move between age groups, detailed invoicing and more.

Ah summer. A time for relaxation, picnics and the occasional sun cream related crisis. Oh, and releasing some brand new features, apparently.

Our biggest project through these summery months is a little something we’re going to keep to ourselves for a little while longer. But you’ll be hearing about it very soon indeed.

Besides that, we’ve been focusing on some changes that we know are going to save you a whole bunch of time. Let’s take a look!

Automatically Move between Age Groups

When people move over to a nursery management system, we hear that one of the biggest difficulties is keeping track of all the constantly changing plans.

We’ve already made some big steps towards making this whole process easier for our managers, but we knew there was a biggger step we had to take to save nurseries some serious time. That is, moving a child’s plan when they change age, without having to go through the hassle of scheduling a change every time.

Now, you simply set the child’s age group to automatic in their plan, and it will automatically change to the new plan and whatever pricing model is associated with it.

How? Well, however you want really. You can customise the settings yourself, choosing the plan to change on the day itself, at the start of the next month, or on a specific date after the child’s birthday.

More detailed invoicing

After giving the invoices we send to parents a bit of a makeover a few months back, we’ve been thinking about what we can do to make it even easier for you to get an overview yourselves.

That’s why we’ve come up with a new detailed invoicing overview just for you. Once you have this setting enabled by the Famly team, you’ll be able to switch between the regular invoice and a more detailed invoicing summary for every new invoice you send from that point onwards.

This is for your eyes only – it won’t be going out to parents. You’ll be able to see a breakdown of all the charges and discounts on a week by week basis.

Secondary Key Worker?

No problem. We’ve added the ability to add a secondary key worker to each child in case their primary key worker is away. Enjoy that holiday in peace, primary key workers of the world!

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