Feature Spotlight:
Accident Reports, Enquiries and More

Find out more about the newest Famly features.

Ever wished accident reporting was…just that? Safely reporting accidents? Not some endless process that involves multiple forms, phone calls, and an impending migraine.

Ever wished there was a more efficient way to keep track of your enquiries? A more engaging way to update parents on daily activities? Direct debit logging that actually saved you time?

Well, then. I think you might like this article very much indeed…

1. Accident & incident reporting

Accident and incident reporting shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. You should have a system where you can capture all of the details as soon as it’s happened, and notify the right people straight away.

What is it?

Accident and incident reporting in Famly is a way for you to log accidents as soon as they happen. You can include notes, first aid administered, attach files, and tag staff that were present.

What will it do?

It’ll make accident and incident reporting a much quicker, more efficient process. You can fill in the form while all of the information is right in front of you, rather than trying to remember all the details later on.

What’s more, Famly will instantly notify parents as soon as you’ve created the report, making sure that they’ve acknowledged it too.

2. Enquiry handling & waiting lists

Whether you’re inundated with requests or hoping to improve the number of enquiries you’re getting, searching through emails and notes in forgotten paper pads without having any idea of your actual session availability is no way to grow your childcare business.

What is it?

Using enquiry handling, you’ll never miss an opportunity again. Any time anybody gets in touch with you, you can log some of their information, contact details and why they got in touch.

You can even keep track of any interactions you have from then, marking emails, calls and visits as you go to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

What will it do?

The key part here is what happens next. Once you have a parent who is interested, you can start to build a plan for their child and quickly see whether you have availability for the sessions they want.

If you do, then you’re only a few small steps away from having the child fully uploaded onto the Famly system. If you don’t, you can put them on a waiting list which will notify you when the sessions become available.

3. Direct debit handling

Do you accept direct debits at your nursery? Considering it? Then this one’s for you.

What is it?

When it’s time to do a direct debit run, Famly will apply the payments automatically, and create a file for you to upload directly to your bank or direct debit provider.

What will it do?

In short, it should make accepting direct debit as a payment option a lot simpler. The spreadsheet contains all of the bill payers account details and their outstanding balance, and you can choose for Famly to automatically apply payments to those outstanding balances in one go.

Of course, if you come back and find the direct debit has rejected, you can go in and change the balance with one click.

4. The child activity feed

One thing Famly is best at is making sure that parents are kept up to date with the day-to-day stuff. Nappy changes, sleep times, what they’ve eaten, it’s all there in the Famly app. And it just got even better.

What is it?

As part of a complete redesign of the child profile, the new activity feed will show parents an interactive timeline of what’s happened throughout the day.

Found in the new Activity tab, it will let parents stay up to date on every meal, sleep and nappy change, and allow you to see an overview of sign in and out times, expected pickup and sickness or holidays the child has taken.

What will it do?

Not only will it strengthen your parent partnerships by giving your parents a more complete picture of the child’s day, but it will mean you can save those rare face-to-face moments for the conversations that really matter, rather than how many times their little one made it to the loo.

5. More exporting options

Famly is designed so that you can do everything you need right within the app. But of course, we know that from time to time you might want to export files to upload to spreadsheets or other systems that you use. We want to make sure you’re covered for that too.

What is it?

Revenue and public funding now join attendance and debt as reports that are available for CSV export. In one click you can have all of the information you need from that report, pre-sorted into the correct columns and ready to upload to another system.

What will it do?

Time for some more detailed forecasting? Need to upload details to payroll? Do the LA want to see your public funding records? That’s going to be a lot easier from now on.

6. Wait! There’s more…

And that’s not all. We’ve been busy beavers over here at Famly, and there are three more new features you might want to know about too.

  • Auto-nappy charging – Do you charge for consumables like nappies? Famly now offers the option to automatically add a nappy to a parent invoice every time a member of staff records a nappy change in the nursery.
  • Group observations – Observations are no longer only for individuals. If you’re observing a group, and want to upload a single observation to more than one child’s parents, you can.
  • Files in messages – Need to send parents policy updates, contracts or any other information? That should be a lot easier now that you can attach files in messages.
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