Feature Spotlight
Child Development
Saving your staff time with their observations.

It’s time to say goodbye to cutting and sticking.

It’s time to say goodbye to wasted staff time.

And it’s time to say goodbye to using a different system every time you do a different task in your nursery.

Introducing Child Development from Famly, including observations, learning journeys, cohort tracking and more. All the features you need, all within the same system that you use to help run your nursery every day.

Let’s take a little peek inside shall we?

Photo & Video Observations

Observations are the cornerstone of child development in the early years. That’s why we’ve built a system that helps you to make the best observations you can, the way you like doing them.

Capturing observations in the moment matters. You can quickly link photos and videos to an observation, tag the child, and add links to a variety of frameworks, all within seconds.

Once you’ve written up the observation and added some next steps, the observation can be sent straight to parents. What’s more, they’ll find it in the same place that you send messages, invoices, and daily diaries, making sure they’re actually getting seen.

These observations are automatically added to a child’s learning journey and to their progress reports too, saving you hours on manually updating your spreadsheets and workbooks.


Balancing the need to make crucial observations while trying to cut staff admin time is a constant battle. Observations matter, but no practitioner gets into childcare to sit on a tablet taking pictures and filling out paperwork.

This is where drafts come in. Practitioners can make notes in the moment, and save them automatically. When they have a quieter moment, they can revisit their notes, tidy them up, and send them off for review.

Learning Journeys

No one doubts that learning journeys are an invaluable resource for practitioners and a wonderful way to showcase a child’s development to both parents and the children themselves.

But must they take so long?

Whether it’s cutting and pasting, coming up with special moments and notes, or spending time on software trying to craft the perfectly designed book, many managers wonder if they’re worth the time that practitioners spend on them when they could be focusing on the child development itself.

With Famly, learning journeys are automatically generated from the observations that your practitioners make, and are formatted into a log of each child’s progress in a way that is effective and useful for both staff and parents.

The Review System

What system do you use before sending out observations to parents at your nursery?

Perhaps all practitioners are able to send out observations unedited. You can do that with Famly.

Perhaps you like to have a manager or senior member of staff review every observation before it goes out. Good news. You can do that too.

Or maybe you want to give different staff different permissions. Some can send observations immediately, others need to send their observations for review. Well, we’ve got you covered as well.

A flexible review system, coupled with our access controls, means you can organise your communication with parents exactly how you want it.

Cohort Tracking & Progress Reporting

We know that observations are really just the starting point. Once you’ve collected baseline assessments and observations on children, it’s crucial to start assessing and planning to make the most of those observations.

Famly now comes with Progress Reporting, taking the data from your observations and compiling it into an overview of each child’s progression against the EYFS. Save hours that could be spent manually collecting data and see child progress when you need to, not just because it’s ‘that time’ again.

Filters let you complete cohort tracking too, with suggested cohorts and the ability to quickly make your own. See refinements, compare progress, and plan more easily.

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