Feature Spotlight:
Invoicing & Finances

Get your precious time back.

What comes to mind when you think of invoicing and finances at your setting? Tired eyes? Endless spreadsheets? Hours and hours of wasted time?

No more. Famly makes ‘invoicing time’ a thing of the past, and ensures that you can keep a handle on your finances without having to spend your time buried in spreadsheets.

How? Well, that’s where we’re here to explain.

1. Batch invoicing

Sending invoices to your parents shouldn’t need to take you hours and hours every month. With all the numbers and figures already in Famly, invoicing can happen in just one click.

Batch invoices

Auto-generated invoices sent with a click.


Search invoices then click to apply payments.

Full flexibility

Total flexibility over your pricing options.


Add other purchases direct to invoices.

What is it?
When it comes time to invoice, the Famly system will pull together the charges for each child’s plan and include any extra add-ons or purchases that you’ve added as you go.

Then, Famly will automatically generate an invoice for every bill payer in the system. All you have to do is select the bill payers you want to charge and an invoice will be sent straight to their phone, email and personal news feed.

Invoicing splits, vouchers, multiple invoices, individual or batch sends – Famly can handle it all.

What will it do?
This whole system is built around being easy to use for everyone and anyone. Getting your settings right is a simple process, and once that’s done, the system really does do the hard work for you.

2. Public funding

Organising public funding is one of the biggest headaches for nursery managers up and down the country. It’s complicated, it’s hugely time-consuming and it can play havoc with your revenue. That’s where we can help.

What is it?

With the click of a button, Famly can automatically assign funding to your children’s plans. It’ll pick the cheapest sessions to do so and all we need to work it out is one or two details that you only have to do add once.

Using the public funding report, you can also get a breakdown of how many hours each child is receiving, what you get from the local authority and how much will appear on the invoice each month.

What will it do?

For starters, we hope it’ll save you a heap of admin time. But more than that, we can help you to work out the shortfall between what you’re charging and what you’re getting from the council, making it easier to find ways to shorten that gap.

We’ve even produced a free guide with everything you need to know on the 30 hours, including how to make up for the shortfall.

3. Reporting and planning

Understanding what’s going on with your revenue and debt is crucial to developing a sustainable childcare business. Planning for the future is what will allow you to take that to the next level.


See all past and future nursery revenue.


See outstanding debt from all bill payers.


Track monthly budgets to stay on track.


All reports available to export in CSV.

What is it?

All of the financial data that comes from your child plans and invoices in Famly isn’t just sat there collecting dust. It gets pulled and pushed into useful, easy-to-understand reports on things like your revenue, debt, future budgeting and occupancy.

You can see in real time how much money is coming in and how much you need to be sustainable. You can even see individual bill payer debt, and re-send invoices with a click to the ones that owe you money.

What will it do?

All in, these reports are simple to understand but powerful enough that you can get the data you need – whether you’re a small setting or a huge nursery chain. Stop guessing, and start looking after the future of your setting.

4. Bill payer information

One thing Famly prides itself on is keeping everything you need in one place. No more searching for lost emails and notes – all the bill payer information you need is right where you need it.

Billing history

View billing history and payment details.


Search invoices then click to apply payments.

Child plans

Add sessions or schedule changes in minutes.


Reminders to bill payers in app or via email.

What is it?
Famly has profiles for every child in the nursery, but there are also profiles for every billpayer too. Whether that’s mum and dad, grandparents, carers or companies, they’re a one-stop shop for all the information you might need to run your financial machine more smoothly.

Lost an invoice and can’t find it? No problem. Just use the search function to find it or go into the invoicing overview and find all invoicing and payment activity

What will it do?
This is really about just making things run more smoothly. You have no idea how much time you’re wasting searching for information with your current system until you see how easy it can be.

5. Child plans

Being able to make changes to child plans shouldn’t be a time-consuming process. Famly makes it easy to do just that, giving you the peace of mind that everything has been captured and your parents the flexibility that you crave.

Child plans

Add sessions or schedule changes in minutes.

Room switch

Automatically move children between rooms.


Manage availability by room and age.


Add other purchases direct to invoices.

What is it?
In Famly, every child will have a personal plan. You can add their sessions, apply funding, and choose any extra add-ons.

Once you’re set up, that doesn’t mean it’s fixed. If a parent wants to make a change, you can make that change in seconds, and everything will be reflected on the invoice when the change comes into effect.

Even better, Famly offers advanced automation, meaning that children are automatically moved up to new pricing plans and rooms when they turn a certain age based on the rules you set.

What will it do?
This clever automation will save you so much time. Rather than having to recalculate your invoices and occupancy every time a child moves, it will all be done without you touching a button.

6. The parent experience

So far, all we’ve been talking about is the features that help to save you time and maximise the control you have over your revenue. But that all means nothing if it doesn’t work for the parents…

Direct debit

Apply direct debit payments and download CSVs.


Easily add company vouchers.

Invoice split

Split invoices between parents and bill payers.


Reminders to bill payers in app or via email.

What is it?
If we had to use one word to describe the financial experience parents have with Famly it would be smooth.

The invoices are clear and transparent. You can use CSV exports to set up easy direct debits with your bank. We have the flexibility to accept vouchers and split invoices however parents want to.

And we’re also calling an end to debt-chasing phone calls. Parents get their invoices straight to their email and news-feed without you doing a thing, and you can always send reminders to them with the click of a button.

What will it do?
The experience your parents have when it comes to billing time is crucial for your parent partnerships. If you can make the process easy and transparent, it reduces friction and opens up your time to talk with them about the ones that really matter. That’s right – the children.

See Famly for yourself
Famly offers an all-in-one solution to save you time. To schedule a demo, just send us a few details.

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