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Invoicing & Finances
Explore our invoicing and finance features to see if it can save you time and money.

It’s here. Our finance and invoicing module has arrived, and we can’t wait to show you what it can do.

Want to organise your revenue, debt and invoicing in a straightforward dashboard using just a few clicks? Well, we think we might have just the thing…

Automated Public Funding

We know that organising public funding is one of the biggest headaches for nursery managers up and down the country. It’s complicated, it’s hugely time consuming, and it makes it increasingly difficult to maximise revenue at your nursery.

Step up, automated public funding. To get started, all we need is a few key details:

• Each term type and the period of time it lasts for
• The headcount date
• Funding rates for each type of funding

And that’s it.

Then, when you set up a new plan for a child, you enter which funding they’re eligible for and you will be given a breakdown of how many hours they will receive, what you get from the local authority, and how much will appear on the invoice each month.

The funding will then be applied to each child’s plan automatically. If they’re not old enough yet, the funding will be automatically applied when they reach the right age.

Revenue & Projections

The revenue section is integrated with everything in our planning and occupancy applications, generating accurate, real-time figures. Not only does it give you a detailed breakdown of past revenue, but it uses planned occupancy data to project your takings going forward.

The graph gives you a quick view of your finances, while you can use the month-by-month breakdown of different sessions and packages to identify problematic areas and improve your overall occupancy.

Debt & Invoicing

The debt and invoicing section lets you view both total debt and outstanding invoices, alongside a child-by-child breakdown. Colour coding shows you paid, unpaid and overdue invoices, all while calculating totals and outstanding balances. Outstanding indeed.

Click on each bill payer for a breakdown of all current and past payments or bills. Resend invoices with a click or cut out the need for constant calls by using our parent communications feature.

Batch Invoicing

How much time do you spend sending your invoices each month? We’re willing to bet it’s probably more than a minute…

With Famly, you can batch send invoices with just one click. Parents receive an email with an automatically generated PDF, and the same message shows on their personal newsfeed and their child’s profile.

To send individual invoices, just set the time period and select each bill payer that you’d like to charge. If any of the invoices have changed from the previous month, that little yellow dot will show up next to the payment total. Nice.

All Invoicing Activity

Looking for something specific? Pull up a list of all invoicing activity and quickly toggle between invoices and payments. Choose the month you’re looking in, and quickly scroll to find what you’re looking for, or use the search bar to apply a payment.

With everything in one place, arranged by date and child, there’s no more need to endlessly search your emails to find a single invoice or credit note.

Child Invoicing Billing Tab

If that scrolling sounds a little strenuous, don’t worry. You can view individual invoices simply by accessing the child’s profile through the main dashboard, tapping on the billing tab, and hey presto, a breakdown of all of the child’s finances.

From here, you can manage bill payers, add more than one invoice recipient and even choose how they split the bill. Once you’ve added the details of more than one parent, relative, employer or voucher company, simply enter the percentage share for one recipient and Famly will calculate the rest.

Flexible, simple settings

And how do we generate all this lovely data? From your settings of course.

Our settings menu is set up to allow for everything you could need and no more. That way you get ultimate flexibility and still have a platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

Set age groups and term times to manage your individual capacities and help you calculate your occupancy forecasts and child to staff ratios. Create different sessions for use throughout the week, and add both regular and ad-hoc pricing, along with the total capacity per session.

Add-on products such as as breakfasts, nappy changes or early starts can be added too, or you can set up weekly and monthly packages for full time enrolments with ease. All created with colour coded buttons to make planning occupancy as simple as possible.

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