Feature Spotlight
Parent Communication
Find out how you can improve parent relationships and reduce your admin workload.

One of the things we’re always proud to shout about at Famly is how our platform handles parent communication. It’s where we started out, and it’s always been very close to our heart.

See, whether it’s happier parents, easier organisation, or reduced admin time for you, improving the way you communicate with parents at your nursery matters. Here’s how Famly can help improve the service you offer every day.

The News Feed

The first thing that parents see when they come into the app, the News Feed is where they’ll see all the moments you share throughout the day, along with invoices, activities and the times their children were checked in or out.

The News Feed is similar to many social networks they’ll already be using, requiring no learning curve for new parents. They can see photos and videos their kids have been tagged in, receive notifications and comment or like individual updates.

Send updates that actually get seen, have parents who are really involved.


Why have a million different ways to get in touch with each parent? Calling, emails, crumpled letters hastily passed at pick up time, none of it makes much sense and is wasting precious time every day.

With Famly, you can contact parents using all the latest information you have at your fingertips and a line straight to their pocket. Trip reminders, special offers, permission slips – use the messaging system to keep on top of it all and save the one-on-one time for the things that really matter.

Sick Day & Holiday Reporting

Make your mornings easier with updates in real-time if a child is sick or the parents are planning a holiday. No longer will you have to chase parents for details, or wonder how many kids are going to turn up each day. For the parents, passing on the details is just one button click away.

Then, using our room planning app, you can see how many children to expect, updated staff-to-child ratios and a drill down into each child’s attendance, reducing your planning time with ease.


Setting up a single or recurring event in the Famly calendar really is as easy as it gets. You can send the invitations to other staff and parents, as well as quickly view upcoming events both personal and nursery-wide.

For parents, they can see upcoming lunch menus and a brief rundown of the day’s activity, all while sending RSVPs in-app. No more late night calls about next week’s coffee morning. Yeehah.

A Shared Profile

Nowadays, you need all sorts of data on each and every child. From birthdays to permissions, contact details to allergies, it can all end up getting a bit messy.

Good news. With Famly, each child has a profile which only the nursery and their parents can see. Both of you can enter details and get updates, massively reducing your admin workload and keeping all the important info in one place. No more double data-entry.


Time to say goodbye to complicated invoicing too. Auto-generated invoices? Check. Sent straight to their email inboxes and Newsfeed? Check. Vouchers? Credits? Public Funding? Check. Check. Check.

Famly can deal with every parent need, while adjusting to the way you like to do things. This should make invoicing lightning fast and ensure each invoice is properly paid on time.

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