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Parent Communication

Find out how you can improve parent relationships and reduce your admin workload.

At Famly, we’re always proud to shout about how our platform handles parent communication. It’s where we started out, and it’s always been very close to our heart.

It’s not just about happier parents, easier organisation, or reduced admin time for you. Most importantly, stronger parent partnerships mean a better learning environment for the little ones in your care.

Parent communication is absolutely about learning journals and observations. It’s also about simple ways to invoice parents. But it’s more than just that. Let us show you what we mean.

1. The News Feed

Why have a million different ways to get in touch with parents? Calls, emails, crumpled letters hastily passed over at pick up time – none of them truly work and together they waste your precious time every day.

That’s why it’s time to bring it all into one place. Welcome to The News feed.

News feed

Share photos, videos and updates.


Parents can like and comment on posts.


Bookmark important posts to find later.

Extra logins

Create separate logins for relatives.

What is it?

Just like many other social networks, The Famly News Feed brings updates, photos, videos and other communication together in one place. But it’s a lot more secure.

When you send a post or observation on, you can tag specific children or parents. That means that parents only see posts they’ve been tagged in on their personalised News Feed, as well as invoices, events, and more.

What will it do?

All of our customers tell us that The News Feed helps to strengthen parent partnerships. By allowing parents to like and comment, and by sending them updates straight to their pocket, you’re helping to engage parents in a way that traditional communication can’t do.

What’s more, there’s no real learning curve to see here – your parents are going to be pretty familiar with the way things work.

Time to start sending updates that actually get seen.

2. Parent Contact

The News Feed isn’t where parent contact ends.

Famly also helps you to reduce the time you spend chasing parents for basic information, saving your face-to-face time for more quality interactions.


Send direct or group messages in-app.

Days off

Parents report illness and holidays in-app.


Request permissions from parents.


Events with auto-notifications and easy RSVP.

What is it?

Parents can report holidays and illness from home using the app, and you can request permission to administer certain medicines, use their child’s picture, or anything you like. These are all stored and recorded in the child’s profile.

Parents can access some of the information on there too, and you can keep in touch on via private messages. You can even create events and collect RSVP’s via The News Feed too.

What will it do?

Put simply, it’s all about saving time.

You can contact parents with all the latest information right there at your fingertips, all using a line straight to their pocket. Start saving that precious face-to-face time to discuss the things that really matter.

3. The Child Profile

Nowadays, you need all sorts of data on each and every child. From birthdays to permissions, contact details to allergies, it can all end up getting a bit messy.

Luckily, we’ve got the solution…

Shared profile

Update key child information together.

Activity feed

Parents see nappy changes, food & sleep.

Contact lists

Create and view contact and emergency lists.


Share learning journals with parents.

What is it?

Not only does the child profile give you an opportunity to work together with parents to collect key information, it’s also a place for parents to catch up on updates about their child.

They can see an activity feed of what the child has done that day, as well as the child’s learning journal and a complete breakdown of their invoicing status.

What will it do?

With the shared Child Profile, you will always have the most up-to-date information on child illness, allergies, parent contacts and more.

For parents, it means that they can be more involved in their child’s day, and establish an even closer relationship with you and daily life at your setting.

4. Daily Diaries

Daily diaries are used throughout the UK to keep parents in the loop about the important things that have happened throughout the day.

The problem? They take way too long.

Record sleep

Record and share nap times and nappy changes.

Food intake

Document meal and bottle intake in real-time.

Meal plans

Write meal plans for all parents to see.


Register through parent-friendly sign in app.

What is it?

On top of the sign in and out time that you get from the registers, you can also chart a child’s food intake, sleep time, toilet or nappy situation, and if they’re out on a trip.

Want more options? No problem. You can make your own custom statuses and add these to children in seconds.

What will it do?

Once again, the key here is time. Daily diaries can be incredibly time-consuming for busy practitioners, but not with Famly.

All you have to do is click on one or more children, select what you want to add, and further details with one click. You can do a whole room in less than a minute, giving parents the information they need straight to their phones without wasting practitioner time.

Learn more about Famly

Find out below how Famly improved parent communication at N Family Club, and see what we can do for you in a personal demo.

“Parents love getting the updates in Famly, as soon as we write an observation, the parents are involved, and the best thing is they can record their own observations at home.” –Hannah, Manager, N Family Club
“Parents love getting the updates in Famly, as soon as we write an observation, the parents are involved, and the best thing is they can record their own observations at home.” –Hannah, Manager, N Family Club

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