Feature Spotlight:
All-In-One Scottish Nursery Software

Because Scotland needs better nursery management software too.

Scotland has been without proper Scottish nursery software for too long.

The fragmented systems that are available often cover only one of the curricula. Just admin. Maybe only learning journals. But having to use multiple, complex systems is not exactly the ideal situation for a country with more than 13,000 childcare providers.

That’s why we’ve developed the features needed to make Famly the first truly all-in-one Scottish nursery software option.

The Curriculum for Excellence, Pre-Birth to Three, GIRFEC – they’re all now available within Famly, alongside the same powerful admin and management features that make Famly the choice for hundreds of providers across the UK.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

1. Scottish learning journals and observations

Observations and learning journals are crucial for tracking child development and keeping parents up to date with how their child is progressing.

Now, you can make those observations in the very same app you use for all your invoicing, admin and more. And you can make them a lot more speedily.


Support for the Curriculum for Excellence.


Add links from the Pre-Birth to three framework.


That’s right, we’ve got GIRFEC covered too.


Each observation auto-added to learning journals.

What is it?

Famly now supports all three of the early learning frameworks in Scotland. That means you can make speedy photo or video observations, write notes and next steps, before adding links to CfE, Pre-Birth to 3 and GIRFEC in just a few clicks.

See? It really is just a few clicks to create and send an observation straight to a parent’s individual news feed, or off to management for review. There, managers or room leaders can review the observations and make suggestions for the practitioner to improve before it’s sent on.

Those same observations are also logged in each child’s learning journal, where staff and parents can keep updated on a child’s journey at your setting.

What will it do?

Keeping everything in one place helps you to engage parents, and our speedy observations will save your staff time for the ones that really matter – the children.

“Our parents love it as they have instant information about their child’s day rather than relying on paper copies of feedback at pick up times. They’re updated with invoices and payments instantly, meaning I’m not having to take telephone enquiries and print out bills – I wish we had done it sooner!”

Fiona Catto, Director, Leaps & Bounds, Paisley

2. Better parent collaboration

Your relationship with parents doesn’t just end at a learning journal. Famly was designed with parents in mind and gives you plenty of tools to improve the way you approach your parent relationships.

News feed

Each parent has a personalised news feed.


Update child details and more together.


Instant messaging to keep you in touch.

Activity feed

Track nappy changes, sleep, and eating.

What is it?

The Famly parent experience is built around their personalised news feed, where they receive updates, messages, photos, videos and observations from their child’s day.

The activity feed also replaces cumbersome daily diaries, where you can keep your parents updated on things like nappy changes, toilet visits, sleep time and food intake.

What will it do?

There are two ways of looking at what Famly does for your relationships with parents.

The first is that convenient updates straight to a parent’s pocket help to give a better understanding of what happens at the setting. They can keep up to date and even work with you to complete permissions, child details, and report days off without having to call.

The second? With the dry, everyday updates and reminders recorded in the app, it saves your one-on-one time for the most important conversations about the child’s progress and wellbeing.

“Famly is a great management tool, helping us see missed payments and strengthening communication with our parents. The most important feature in this package is the friendly staff, who are so helpful. When we have asked for tweaks – they listened.”

Tamara Marashi, Organisation Manager, Smiley Stars Nursery, Glasgow

3. Invoice in one click

It’s not all about learning journals and parent communication. Famly also lets you invoice quickly and securely while giving you all the reports you need to stay on top of everything.

Batch invoice

Send all your invoices with one click.


Save on calls with auto-invoice reminders.


View occupancy, debt, revenue and more.

Famly Pay

Collect money in-app via card or direct debit.

What is it?

Famly lets you create flexible child plans that automatically pull all the fee information into ready-to-send invoices. These can be sent straight to parents with the click of a button.

From there, you can collect payments from parents directly using Famly Pay, allowing parents to pay for their childcare in-app via card or direct debit.

However you choose to collect your fees, Famly’s debt, revenue, and occupancy reports are automatically generated, giving you the overview you need to make your business more sustainable.

What will it do?

With parents already on board to see updates from their child’s day, sending their invoices through Famly is a no-brainer.

What’s more, we’ve made it incredibly simple to do, allowing our system to do the hard work so that you can get on with your ever-growing to-do list.

4. Your daily management tool

We know that being a nursery manager is no simple job. On any day you can be a bookkeeper, manager, childcare expert, cleaner, cook, builder, professional juggler. It’s not easy to stay on top of everything.

That’s why Famly brings you daily management tools that give you the overview you need, whenever you need it.


Keep track of who is coming and going.


Instant staff-to-child ratios across rooms.


Easily share key documents and policy with staff.


Quickly record and track accident reports.

What is it?

Children can be signed in and out via the app, creating automatic attendance registers and reports.

You can see ratios, child details, and contact lists at a glance, saving you from leafing through folders of paper every time you need to look something up.

You can also collaborate more easily with your staff team, sharing documents and arranging meetings through the calendar function.

What will it do?

This side of Famly is really just about giving you simple-to-use tools that you can pick up instantly.

With all the information you need at your fingertips, you’ll get time back to invest into all the things that really make a difference to your business and the children you look after.

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