Feature Spotlight:
New Learning Journals, Qualifications, and More

Find out more about the newest Famly features.

What is the point of a learning journal?

For many settings, they quickly become nothing more than admin black holes, a place where time slows down and any parent engagement was lost many moons ago.

And yet, that’s not what they were originally for. They should be places of celebration, where parents can see their little ones’ greatest achievements. A place where you can gain an even deeper understanding of your children. A place which inspires better learning and more targeted development.

That’s what we think, at least. That’s why for the last month or so we’ve been working hard to make our learning journals more useful to you, more engaging for parents, and generally a nicer place to be. That’s what we’ll kick off with this time but stick around, because there’s plenty more where that came from…

1. New and improved Learning Journals

We’ve just finished off a bunch of improvements to our learning journals, so that they fulfil all your needs, are even more user-friendly, and look even better than before.

What is it?

The new look learning journals feature:

  • The option to add two year checks.
  • The ability to compare a child’s progress to a previous date in the learning journey itself.
  • A print-friendly version which you can give to departing children and their parents.
  • A funky little development summary box (it’s the one with the beautiful animation down there).

What will it do?

Not only do these new features give you even more options to properly record child progress and plan better, they should give parents even more reason to engage with your learning journals.

2. Staff qualifications and easy overviews

Famly is all about keeping everything in one place. You shouldn’t have to leaf through some dusty old folder or pull up old emails just to get the information you need on your staff.

What is it?

Famly now has a place in every staff member’s profile where you can record their qualifications, DBS checks and other training they’ve undertaken.

You can also now make custom staff lists as well as children, choosing only the details you want to be included in that list.

What will it do?

Before now, it was a faff having to go into each and every staff profile just to pull up a few details. We’re happy to admit that. Now if you want an overview of staff birthdays, email addresses, notes, or anything else, all you need to do is add that column to your list. Easy peasy.

3. The Welsh EYFP framework

We’re working hard to make sure that the Famly platform supports every framework across the UK, and we just took one more step on that journey by adding the Welsh EYFP to the platform.

What is it?

When you make an observation, all you’ll need to do is click on the EYFP button to add a statement from the EYFP. Select the area and choose Nursery, Reception, Year 1, or Year 2 to find the right statement for your child.

How do I get it?

All you have to do is let us know which framework your setting uses when you’re getting signed up, and if the Welsh EYFP is what you want, well, the Welsh EYFP is what you shall have!

4. Tools for bigger groups

Are you part of a group with 2 settings or more? If not, you’ll probably want to skip this bit. But stick around if you are, because you’re probably going to like our brand new group reporting and dashboard an awful lot.

What is it?

We’ve got a whole new group reporting overview, featuring a dashboard with various easy-to-read reports and charts. Here you’ll also find our rejuvenated group reporting, including revenue, occupancy, invoicing and balances.

What will it do?

With this new reporting overview, you should have the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, you get a dashboard with helpful charts for when you want to get a quick overview of the whole group. On the other, detailed reporting that will allow you to drill right down from this complete overview to an individual setting or even a single bill payer.

5. New observation overview

We’re a big fan of simple overviews at Famly. Of course, you sometimes need to get into the nitty-gritty, but often a quick check of everything that’s going on is all you need in your hectic nursery day.

What is it?

When you go into the child development app now, you’ll see a list of observations filtered by whatever you decide. That could be the status of the observations, the author, key person, or even the different type of observation.

You’ll also see a quick snapshot of your cohort tracking – which children are ahead or behind and how many children are still without observations altogether.

What will it do?

Essentially, it’s just another way for you to get quick and useful insights into what’s going on at your nursery. All without wasting time pulling up individual profiles or, even worse, the dreaded ring binder.

6. Wait! There’s more…

And that’s not all. It’s been a busy month or so for us in here, and we’ve got a few little extra nuggets we want to tell you about:

  • GDPR – That’s right, some people are still talking about it. We don’t want to bore you with the details but you can now trust that Famly is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Custom Statuses – You can now set up custom activity statuses for your setting which you can mark on a child’s profile. You can even choose your own icons and colours.
  • Deposit overview – Check into the All Invoicing Activity section if you need to take a look at all your past and current deposits.
  • Custom meal time – Want to register meal consumption when you’ve actually got the time? You can now do so whenever you like, and select the time that the food was eaten.
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