How to Hire Your Nursery Team

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What’s this guide about?

Looking to hire new staff? Struggling with retaining your most talented practitioners? This is the guide you’ve been looking for. Recruit the right people, and ensure that they stay.

What’s in the guide then?

We’ve got advice on how to advertise for staff online, and a list of more than 30 interview questions. There’s also three job description templates, advice on how to retain your staff, and ideas on how to choose between temporary or permanent staff.

What will I learn?

From choosing the right staff and how to find them, through to making sure you retain the very best, you’ll learn about every part of the process. We’ve also got interview questions and job description templates that are yours to use whenever you want.

And who are Famly?

Famly makes better nursery management software. We help hundreds of providers across the UK to streamline the tedious admin and paperwork that comes with running a nursery.