EYFS Focus: 6 Everyday
Physical Development Activities

Make the most out of every little one’s day

As one of the three prime areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage, the Physical Development of the children in your care requires your constant attention. The Department of Health recommends aiming for at least 3 hours of physical activity across the day for children in the early years, and every movement counts!

But you don’t need to spend time planning every extraordinary game as long as you can make the most out of everyday opportunities. Here are some ideas on how to do just that.

1. Tummy Time

The activitySensory Play for Babies Who Put Everything in The Mouth by CanDo Kiddo

In a nutshell – Whenever you place a baby on their tummy, surround them with some interesting stuff. Buttons, toys, mirrors – anything that will make them want to turn around or flap their arms is great for their physical development. These simple sessions strengthen arm, back, and neck muscles and can eventually lead to crawling. Consider putting the small items in sensory bags taped to the floor, to prevent any choking hazard.

What you need

  • Ziploc Bags
  • Tape
  • Various Items (buttons, beads, shells, pompoms, rice etc.)
Picture of a baby laying on the floor.

2. Baby Climbers

The activityStair Climbing Tips and Tricks by Dinosaur Psychical Therapy

In a nutshell – Time to start encouraging kids to start walking up and down stairs on their own. Start with some large blocks or step stools that children can use to crawl and climb up and over. When they are confident enough to face the full challenge, provide them with some visuals, such as tactile footprints, that will guide them on their physical development journey.

What you need

  • Printable Footprints
  • Step Stools or Large Blocks
Picture of a boy climbing stairs.

3. Eurythmics

The activity10 Best Songs for Gross Motor Movement by Let’s Play Music

In a nutshell – Jazz up your next eurythmics class with these ten lovely songs. They’ll inspire your little ones to work on their physical development but also their cognitive abilities, balance and concentration. All sorts of enjoyment and learning combined – gross motor skills development at its finest.

What you need

  • Free Printables
  • Your Musical Talent or Music Player
Picture of a baby boy dancing in a kitchen.

4. Treasure Baskets

The activity12 Sensory Baskets for Babies by Pastels & Macarons

In a nutshell – A box filled with everyday items can absorb children’s attention for hours at a time. They explore, experiment, make choices on their own and get a chance to practice the pincer movements that are so key to their physical development. All while you get to have a quiet moment for yourself. Sounds like a pretty convenient arrangement to us!

What you need

  • Fruits & Veggies
  • Wooden and Plastic Objects
  • Soft Toys
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Balls
Picture of baskets filled with different items.

5. Obstacle Course

The activityIndoor Obstacle Course by Love Play Learn

In a nutshell – Construct simple soft bumps around your setting, especially in front of boxes with toys and other places that your little explorers are keen on visiting. Shift them around from time to time so that reaching the other side stays fun and challenges their physical development instead of turning into a boring necessity. You can also put tape on the floor, forming different shapes and paths for their feet to follow.

What you need

  • Pillows
  • Chairs
  • Pool Noodles
  • Blankets
  • Beach Balls
Picture of a small girl stepping on pillows.

6. Finger Foods

The activityEasy Baby Finger Foods by The Crafty Organized Mom

In a nutshell – Good news, eating can be an physical development activity too! Or at least for the little ones. Get inspired by these 17 ideas for easy but nutritious finger foods and let the little ones feed themselves to promote fine motor skills like grasping and eye-hand coordination.

What you need

  • Bowls
  • Different Kind of Foods
Picture of a hand reaching into a bowl with food.

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“Now we’re using Famly it’s much more of a slick operation! It makes communicating with parents, invoicing, room planning and learning journals very simple.” – Katie, Manager

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