7 Reasons Why You Should
Choose Famly
A better solution to help manage your nursery.

So you’re looking for a new nursery management software? Hoorah. You’ve come to the right place.

We could say that we work with hundreds of nurseries across the globe, and have well over 16,000 parents using our app every day. But none of that really matters to you, and why should it?

Instead, why don’t we talk about how your nursery could benefit from choosing Famly, and why you should book a demo today.

Reporting you can trust

When you go digital, how do you know that you have a system you can rely on? We know that this fear can often lead to managers manually reporting too, just so they can double check their figures. As a result, they end up doubling their workload because of a tool that was meant to save them time.

With Famly, you can always trust what your reports say.

Why? Well, they are are all generated from a number of data entry points, including the sign-in app and each child’s plan. These are simple to use at any level and our support team are always on hand to guide you through any problems.

We’ve realised that many of the problems start with human error, which in turn is usually caused by a complicated array of options. With Famly, you set different levels of permission so that only certain people can access certain areas.

What’s more, we work with you to tailor many of the settings to your specific needs, and then close off these options once you’re setup to keep everything watertight.

All reports are updated in real time too, so anytime you see one, it’s up to date and ready to go. So whether it’s for occupancy, room-planning or revenue and debt, you’ll get reports you can rely on.

A head start with Ofsted

We have designed Famly alongside nurseries of all sizes, and one thing that comes up time and time again is concern over Ofsted reports.

Using Famly you’ve got a head start whenever the call comes.

In the apps section, you can access all historical registers for both children and staff, as well as view those all important child to staff ratios across the year. Using our Documents section you can easily store all of your accident reports and other paperwork, ready to print.

Our communication platform is also an opportunity to track parent engagement, and displays a firm commitment to involving parents in day to day life at the nursery.

All this means no more frantic poring over old ring binders and folders. Instead, you can focus on preparing your nursery for the more important parts of the inspection.

Parson's Green Nursery
“What stands out for us is Famly’s clean and easy to use interface, the product is intuitive and well designed. Most other software isn’t as comprehensive as Famly.”
Camilla Trefgarne, Parson’s Green Nursery
Invoicing with a Click

Sending out invoices each month can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. But when you already have the data on each child’s plan at your fingertips, it shouldn’t be.

With Famly, invoices are automatically generated from the sessions, purchases, discounts and funding you’ve applied to each child. Simply head to the batch invoicing section once a month and, with a click, the invoices are sent straight to the parent in-app and via email.

You can also quickly send individual invoices, and parents can easily be setup to split the cost. Reminders can be sent to parents in-app to pay overdue bills, avoiding those annoying calls to the few that never seem to quite get around to paying on time.

Speaking of which…

An Easier Day

We know it’s never a straightforward day in a nursery, but we’ve set out to solve some of those everyday problems that you could really do without.

As well as taking debt collecting off your hands with simple batch invoicing and in-app reminders, we also save you the slew of early morning calls that inevitably come hand in hand with flu season. Parents can register sick days or holidays in the app, saving you from spending all morning chasing every missing name on the register.

Any event RSVPs and other admin messages are handled in the app too, so you can use those snatched conversations you have at pick up time to discuss what really matters – the kids.

Which should help to give you…

Happy Parents

Alongside being your tool for day to day admin, Famly also offers a secure newsfeed to help you keep parents engaged and happy.

At any nursery, your relationship with parents is vital. Famly lets you keep them up to date with messages, photos and videos throughout the day, in real-time. You can choose who sees each update, and it will show up in their personal newsfeed, which is both intuitive and familiar.

This way, parents have a much better idea of what’s going on at the nursery, meaning you have parents who are much more engaged on a day to day basis. In fact, we’ve found that the majority of all parents across our nurseries are logging on each and every day.

At any nursery, your relationship with parents is vital. Famly lets you keep them up to date with messages, photos and videos throughout the day, in real-time.
Solve your staffing headaches

We talk to nursery managers every day who find that staffing is slowly taking up more and more of their valuable hours.

Rotas, attendance, calculating staff to child ratios – it all takes time that you’d much rather be spending elsewhere and, as you grow, it quickly becomes more and more complicated.

Our room planning app lets you see the required staff for each room, session by session. It’s linked directly to the staff to child ratios you’ve set, and so you can plan with the confidence that you’ll have the right staff at the right time.

You can view attendance reports generated from our staff sign-in app too and, just like the kids, staff can report sick days and holiday in the app, giving you a head start on juggling your resources or finding replacements.

Take your time back

But what does this all really come down to? Why do you care about speedy invoices, reliable overviews or reducing painful phone calls with parents? It’s all about time.

Time to focus on new initiatives. Time to focus on your staff. Time for those projects you’ve been putting off for months. Time for the kids.

Famly is intuitive, fits your workflow and comes with unrivalled support. It will save you time for the stuff that really matters. That’s our promise.

If you want to talk to us about how Famly can be tailored to what you do, day in, day out, why not book a demo today?

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