Danish Family invests new fortune
in Famly

Read why the Gjørup family decided to support Famly with a two-digit million investment on its way of becoming the Facebook of daycare institutions.

After selling 75% of the toy group Top-Toy, Peter and Susanne Gjørup became one of richest families in Denmark. The Top-Toy group includes prominent toy brands such as BR and Toys’R’Us and was sold for an amount of € 230 million (DKK 1.7 billion). The Gjørup family now intends to invest their new fortune in startups with exceptional growth potential.

Their first venture was a two-digit million investment in the software startup Famly. The startup is creating a social network to facilitate better communication between daycare institutions and parents. They aim to become the facebook of day care institutions, a goal that has been made possible by the new investors.

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