The people behind Endomondo and Just Eat
invest in Famly
Read about the entrepreneurs who chose to invest 2.8m DKK in Famly.

Klaus Nyengaard (former CEO of Just Eat), Christian Birk (former CEO of Endomondo), Morten Primdahl and Aghassipour (founders of Zendesk) invested 2.8 mln dkk in Famly – a  digital solution that makes communication between daycare institutions and parents easier.

Investors saw a great potential in the company which should not come as a surprise considering that one of the first Famly’s customers – Børnehuset Planeten – claims to have been saving over 200.000 DKK annually thanks to the platform.

Moreover, Klaus Nyengaard saw the company’s founders – Anders Laustsen and Henrik Møller  Rasmussen – as good role models and could easily relate to the problem that the entrepreneurs were trying to solve.

The next step that Famly is taking is conquering the abroad. The company wants to focus on US and England and if the solution turns out to be flexible enough, it should soon be implemented in tens of thousands institutions worldwide.

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What’s all the fuss about?

Famly is a platform that has everything you could need to help run your nursery, from parent communication and occupancy management to invoicing and finance. But don’t take our word for it, you’re just one click away from requesting your free demo.