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A userfriendly digital platform for preschools and parents.

Famly's many users love the app:

Famly is 4 parts, but one solution

  • Daily administration

  • Parent App

  • Sign in and out

  • Preschool Homepage

An overview like never before

With Famly you have an overview of the preschool at all times. You know exactly how many children and staff are in right now as well as how the rest of the day will look like.

Remember the field trip on Thursday

It is fast and easy to send messages to parents.

Simple and userfriendly

Famly can be used by everyone and both from mobiles, tablets and computers. It is fast and easy to report your child sick - it is done with a single click.

Focus on the children

90% fewer phone calls from parents. Sick and vacation reporting is handled via Famly.

Take the parents along

With Famly sharing images with parents is very easy.

Reach the parents

Messages, images and invitations are sent to parents in no time and with very little effort. Parents can read and respond on their mobile, tablet or computer. We have seen that more than 90% of parents read information sent to them via Famly on the same day as it is sent.

Vacation planning becomes a breeze

With Famly parents tell you when their children will be off for vacation.

A homepage you can be proud of

Easy to maintain and edit. Split the task between you and help each other keep the homepage updated.

Just fill out the templates and Famly ensures your homepage works on both mobiles, tablets and computers.

Seach Engine Optimization is handled by Famly so that parents and other interested partners can find you via Google.

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Free 30 day trial