Save Time From Day One

And day two, and day three. Everything you need is a click away. Featuring speedy sign-in, staff management and child plans.
Whether you end up spending your day agonising over staff to child ratios, working out availability, or manually uploading registers, it’s probably not what you signed up for. Famly gives you back time every day that you didn’t even realise had gone missing.
Make Your Mornings Easier
We know the start of your day can be more than a little chaotic. With Famly, parents sign in the children themselves, and set who picks up and when, creating automatic attendance reports for you as they go.
Effortless Staff Management
Keeping track of staff-to-child ratios isn’t always simple. With the room-planning app, you get an automated overview of the ratios you’ll need. Cut down on planning, and put it back into what really matters.
Customise Child Plans
Whether you have 15 kids or 500, handling child plans is a time-consuming process. In Famly, you can view availability, schedule changes, and apply discounts and funding – all in a matter of minutes.

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