Easy-to-use, highly recommended, and…free?
Free online learning journals and so much more.
Easier learning journals

Make observations on-the-go, share learning journals, and plan in confidence with instant cohort tracking.

Speedy observations with multiple frameworks, automatically compiled in your cohort tracking.
Automatically generated learning journeys which parents can view at any time.

Better parent collaboration

Let parents take part in their child’s day with photos, videos and instant messaging.

Free parent access on mobile and online allows you to send updates straight to their pockets.
The shared child profile lets you collaborate with parents to keep all child information up to date.

Why are we doing Famly Free?

Everyone should have a system that feels like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise busy and stressful day. Something that saves you time. That is a delight to use. That you want to tell your friends about.

But not everyone can afford that kind of software.

Of course we hope many of you will see the beautiful simplicity of Famly and go on to choose a paid package. Yes, we hope that you spread the word and even more people get to hear “Yep, that’s right. Like family. But without the ‘i'”.

But if, along the way, a few of you just want to crack on with your new platform, keep it to yourself, and stick with it? Well, that’s OK with us.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we’re not ‘recouping’ our money by selling your data to advertisers. It’s all here in writing if you have your doubts.

So what is actually included?

Famly Free comes with 500mb of storage and all the same child development features you’ll find in our paid packages.

Quick observations

Capture and send photo or video observations.

Learning journals

Share automatic learning journals with parents.

Baseline assessments

Easily make baseline or regular assessments.

Cohort tracking

Make custom cohorts and easily compare progress.

Shared child profile

Update contacts and key child information together.

Review observations

Effortlessly review and approve observations.

Nappy & nap time

Record nap times & nappy changes with a click.

The activity library

Find inspiration and upload activities to help you plan.

Free parent access

Free for parents or relatives on mobile and online.

News feed

Share photos, videos, and daily updates with parents.


Direct or group messaging straight to parent pockets.

Activity feed

Parents see nappy changes, food intake, sleep & more.
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