Designed With You in Mind

Fits seamlessly into your day, helping you do what you do more efficiently. Featuring invoicing, debt collection, and a fully integrated system.
Not all nursery management software makes your life easier. Famly was designed in cooperation with hundred of nurseries to make sure it fits with the way you work, and solves problems that actually matter to you.
Solve Invoicing Headaches
Setting up templates. Entering data. Emailing parents. Invoicing shouldn’t take a lifetime. With Famly, you press one button and invoices are generated, customised, and sent via email and in the app. It couldn’t be simpler.
Stop Chasing Parents
Chasing parents for bills, RSVPs and permission slips wastes hours of your time. Instead, send in-app notifications to alert parents of everything from unpaid invoices to reminders to give permission for a trip.
Everything in One Place
Switching from program to program as you go through your day can be a real inconvenience. With Famly, everything you need is in one place, accessible from your phone, tablet or computer and updated in real-time.

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