Keeping Parents Happy

Share moments throughout the day and get your parents talking.
Featuring parent newsfeed, sick day registration and reminders.
Forgotten noticeboards, time-consuming emails and crumpled up permission slips are probably not the best way to communicate with parents. Famly improves collaboration and makes interaction count for nurseries across the world.
Keep Parents Updated
Parent’s expectations for how their nursery communicates with them are changing. The newsfeed lets you message parents and share moments with them throughout the day, ensuring everything you send actually gets seen.
Make 1-on-1 Time Count
Face to face time matters. By letting Famly deal with the boring stuff, you save time with parents for what really matters. Permission slips. Invoice reminders. Messages about what to bring to the trip tomorrow. It’s all covered.
Planning Made Easier
Last-minute holidays and winter bugs causing you planning headaches? With Famly, parents report holidays and sick days with one click, automatically updating your register and letting you know eactly who to expect.

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