Seamless Staff Coordination

See required staff numbers, manage communications, share documents and generate work hour reports.

Make Caring About Coordination Easier


Manage your resources effectively with real-time projections for the number of staff required per session.


Improve your internal and external communication by centralising everything in the Famly app.


Stay up to date with your nursery’s activities in real time, no matter where you are.

Staff Sign-in & Attendance

Seamless staff attendance and availability features. Know exactly who is present and schedule your staff according to expected child attendance and child/staff ratio needs.

Messaging, Calendar and Events

Convenient messaging between all staff members, specific groups or individuals. Each staff member has their own calendar, allowing you to create and invite others.

Staff Work Hour Reports

View precise weekly and monthly work hour reports. The metrics are updated in real-time based on employee’s sign-in status.

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More Famly Features

  • Staff sign-in and out
  • Holiday and sick leave
  • Meeting registration
  • Staff attendance reporting
  • Room planning
  • Room check in/out
  • Staff-to-child ratios
  • Document & file management
  • Pin-code for improved security
  • Individual staff permissions
  • Events & meetings in one place
  • Event RSVP with full overview
  • Invite staff members & groups
  • Individual staff calendars
  • Access files from any device
  • Create and view contact lists
  • Create medical and diet lists
  • Emergency evacuation list
  • Secure and encrypted data
  • Continuous data backup

Parson’s Green Nursery

“Famly has revolutionised the way we communicate with parents and staff. Parents are now kept up to date with what their children are doing and receive instant updates throughout the day.”

Let Us Show You Famly

Running a nursery can be complicated. Let us show you how to simplify and improve it with Famly.

One Integrated Platform

For All Your Needs


Share important messages, images, documents and moments with parents and staff.


Seamless child registration and sign-in app. Generate reports with the touch of a button.


Manage occupancy levels and capacity to ensure sustainability & improve forecasting.