Customer Success Story: Kingwood Childcare
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Who are Kingwood Childcare?

Claire Dancer and the whole team at Kingwood are passionate about allowing children to learn by exploring the world around them. And making sure that more than 300 children get plenty of time outside exploring is no mean feat…

What will I learn?

We talk to Claire about how she manages her healthy living vision with such a large setting, as well as how they managed to transition to completely new software in less than five weeks.

What are they saying?

“Famly is modern, up to date, and simple to use – it’s integral to everything we do. The customer service and support that we receive is outstanding.” Claire Dancer, Manager, Kingwood Childcare & Pre-School.

And who are Famly?

Famly makes better nursery management software. We help hundreds of providers across the UK to streamline the tedious admin and paperwork that comes with running a nursery.