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Powerful tools for stronger parent communication

Everything you need from your nursery software to develop stronger parent partnerships at your setting. Find out more about parent communication here.

Free parent access

Free for parents or relatives on mobile and online.


In-app direct or group messaging.

Shared child profile

Update contacts and key child information together.

Payment reminders

Reduce phone calls with invoice reminders.

News feed

Share photos, videos and daily updates with parents.

Photo gallery

Tag photos and see them on each child’s profile.

Like & comment

Parents can engage by liking & commenting on posts.

Activity feed

Parents see nappy changes, food intake, sleep & more.

Sick days and holiday

Parents can report days off from home.

Logins for relatives

Create a separate Famly login for relatives.

Payment overview

Overview of historical payments and balances.

Nappy & nap time

Record nap times & nappy changes with a click.

Events & RSVP

Set up events with auto-notifications and RSVP.

Medical & diet lists

Update and access health and diet details easily.

Check in app

Replace paper with a parent-friendly sign in app.

Record food intake

Document meal and bottle intake in real-time.

Parental permissions

Request permissions then find them when you need.

Contact lists

Create and view contact and emergency evacuation lists.

Pick-up notifications

Automatically send pick-up confirmations to parents.

Trip notifications

Let parents see when children are out on a trip.

Personal calendars

Individual parent calendars keep track of events.

Meal plans

Write meal plans for all parents to see.


Bookmark important posts to find them again later.

Powerful tools for more intuitive admin

This is how nursery software can save you hours with your admin. Find out more about invocing and admin here.

Batch invoicing

Send auto-generated invoices with just one click.

Payment processing

Collect fees via card and direct debit with Famly Pay.

Individual child plans

Set up sessions or schedule changes in minutes.

Ad-hoc additions

Include ad-hoc sessions or purchases as you go.

Parent-requested care

Receive and review requests for sessions and purchases.

Real-time reporting

See up-to-date figures across all logins & devices.

Public funding

Automatically add funding to the cheapest sessions.

Public funding reports

Funding amounts due and total shortfall or excess.

Revenue reports

See a complete breakdown of all past revenue.

Project future revenue

View expected revenue by month, bill payer, and child.

Revenue budgets

Track monthly budgets to make sure you’re on track.

Debt overview

See outstanding debt from all bill payers.

Split invoices

Split invoices between parents and bill payers.

Payment reminders

Reminders to bill payers in app or via email.

Invoicing overview

Search & view invoices then click to apply payments.

Add-on purchases

Add consumables and other purchases to invoices.

Occupancy report

See all past and future occupancy room-by-room.

Occupancy planner

See available and over-subscribed future sessions.

Occupancy targets

Set targets for occupancy and track your progess.

Export reports

All reports available to export as CSV files.

Wait lists & enquiries

Handle enquiries and wait lists linked to availability.

Flexible pricing

Complete flexibility across a range of session options.

Room & age capacity

Manage availability across Famly by room and age.

Room switching

Automatically move children between rooms.

Group dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboards with custom data.

Bill payer information

View billing history and payment details.

Direct debit support

Apply direct debit payments and download CSV files.

Voucher support

Easily add company vouchers to invoice split.

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Powerful tools for better learning journals

Nursery software that gives you a helping hand with your children’s development. See more about online learning journals here.

Quick observations

Capture and send photo or video observations.

Learning journals

Share automatic learning journals with parents.

Baseline assessments

Easily make baseline or regular assessments.

Cohort tracking

Make custom cohorts and apply multiple filters.

Framework links

Link to EYFS, EYFP, CfE and CoEL with a click.

Add next steps

Add next steps to individual observations.

Review observations

Effortlessly review and approve observations.

The activity library

Find inspiration and upload activities to help you plan.

Compare progress

Choose your date or compare to baselines.

Parent observations

Get the full picture with parent observations.

Group observations

Save time with simple group observations.

Real-time drafts

Make notes now and finish the observation later.

Observation overview

View recent observations or apply filters.

Next steps overview

Plan better with a view of all current next steps.

2 year checks

Add your 2 year checks to a child’s learning journal.

Printable reports

Ready-to-print learning journals and reports.

Powerful tools for smarter nursery management

Nursery software that can help you save time on those daily management tasks. See more about daily nursery management here.

Staff-to-child ratios

See instant staff ratios across the whole day.

Staff messaging

Organise staff, share files, and aid development.

Work hour reports

See all staff hours and export for pay roll.

Staff attendance

Monitor staff absences and punctuality.

Individual child profile

One place to upload & see all critical child information.

Attendance reporting

Overview of all attendance to spot early warning signs.

Individual calendars

Individual staff calendars to track events and meetings.

Daily registers

See real-time overview of every child in the setting.

Document sharing

Share policies, procedures and training work with staff.

Holiday & sick leave

Handle staff and child leave with in-app requests.

Meeting registration

Send notifications and get RSVPs for staff meetings.

Activity tracking

Quick overview of children on trips out of the setting.

Custom lists

Easy access to custom child and staff information.

Holiday requests

Send and receive staff holiday requests.

Accident reports

Capture incidents and notify parents immediately.

The safeguarding app

Collect, filter, and review accidents and incidents

Parental permissions

Request and view parental permissions in-app.

Parent contacts

Find up to date parent contact details in-app.

Famly report

See parent and staff usage of the Famly app.

Staff qualifications

Track staff qualifications and checks in their profiles.

Custom statuses

Create custom statuses to personalise child registers.

Instant search

Search for child profiles, photos, invoices and more.
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