It’s time to finally use your data, your way
Make easier business decisions with instant figures from every setting, filtered however you need them.

Quickly compare different sites on…


Leaver and joiners
Session availability


Staff turnover
Staffing hours


Outstanding debt
Debt age


Historical revenue
Revenue forecasting


Payment types
Invoicing totals

Revenue and Debt

Historical revenue
Revenue forecasting
Outstanding debt
Debt age

Get exactly the insights you need

Choose from a range of clickable dashboards, map and graph options to access your data however it suits you.

  • Create custom maps, tables and graphs, and filter results by clicking on different sections of the data.
  • Create and share drag-and-drop dashboards internally, customised for every role.

Waste no time getting started

Get your figures into Famly Insights from each setting’s Famly platform, without lifting a finger.

  • Standardised data is updated in real-time from every site, making quick comparisons a doddle.
  • Quickly compare performance between clusters, settings, personnel, and more.

Make decisions driven by data

Easily identify differences in performance and find ways to improve your entire group.

  • Learn where some settings are succeeding, and pass those improvements on elsewhere.
  • Click on interesting data points to explore further or step back and see the full overview.
See and try Famly for yourself
To schedule a demo of the entire Famly platform including Famly Insights, just send us a few details.