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We improve everyday life. For parents, teachers, daycares and, most importantly, for the ones in the middle of it all – the children.

Easier. Simpler. Better.

Famly is the top nursery management software to improve collaboration, simplify administration and optimise planning.

All-in-one Nursery Management Software.


Share important messages, images, documents and moments with parents and staff.


Manage internal staff communication, share documents, create attendance and working hour reports.


Seamless child registration and sign-in app. Generate reports with the touch of a button.


Save time on invoicing and get a full overview of your revenue and debt at the click of a button.


One calendar for all events. Plan and send invitations to parents, staff and specific groups.


Manage occupancy levels and capacity to ensure sustainability and improve forecasting.

Parent Collaboration

Let parents take part in their child’s day, as you share updates, photos and videos in real-time. Speed up your own planning time with instant messaging, in-app notifications and sick day reports from parents.

At first I expressed that I was not very enthusiastic about the idea of using an online communication app. After a year I would not be without Famly. It is fast, efficient, easy to use and all of our staff and parents love it!

Siobhan, Beau Peep’s Nursery

Invoicing & Finances

Save time on your finances with one-click invoicing, full revenue reports and automated public funding. Famly is designed to adapt to each setting, giving you full control of your finances no matter how you do them.

The parents are finding the invoicing/payments overview very useful – it contains all the information they need and is simple to read. This saves so much time as previously I had to send regular breakdowns to parents.

Jenny Rowlands, Funclubs

Child Attendance

Make mornings easier using Famly’s seamless sign-in app. The intuitive interface is simple to use for busy parents or staff and generates practical reports right in the nursery management software itself, improving your everyday planning.

From simple registration of both children and staff, to invoicing and having information about each child to hand this management software gives you back time! It comes highly recommended.

Elizabeth Halsey, Free Range Urban Kids

Staff Management

Famly helps you to keep everything in one place, allowing staff to quickly access all the information they need. Room planning lets you manage staff-to-child ratios and generate work-hour reports easily.

I’d happily recommend Famly to any nursery thinking of implementing software to help their setting flow better and to give them more time to spend with the children.

Josh Hawthorne, Sunshine Day

Occupancy Control

Boost your occupancy by targeting your promotions effectively and avoiding costly overstaffing. Get a real-time breakdown of your past and future occupancy and avoid being caught out.

The software has changed our business it helps us manage occupancy, absence and parent communication.

Haley Larson, Bright Eyes

Event Management

Famly makes it simple to organise meetings, day trips, and everything in between. Send invitations and receive RSVPs for events of every kind, with personal calendars for each parent and member of staff.

This software has made invoicing, registering, keeping parents contact details up to date and keeping in touch with parents and staff much, much simpler. One of my best decisions this year!

Nikki Smith, Little Learners Pre school

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