It’s time for better nursery management software
Famly helps you simplify administration, streamline observations, and improve planning.

Nursery software should be easy to use

Powerful features won’t save you time if you can’t use them. Famly is both simple to use and comes with all the features you need.

“The time it has saved us has really improved our cash-flow. I couldn’t live without Famly – it’s been life changing.”

Elizabeth Hassay, Director, Free Range Urban Kids

Stronger parent communication

Build better parent partnerships with daily updates, instant messaging, and automatic reminders.

“Famly is great for improving parent partnerships – our parents have all engaged with the system because they can understand immediately how it works. It’s made keeping in touch much simpler. One of my best decisions this year!”

Nikki Smith, Little Learners Pre-school

Intuitive invoicing & admin

Save time and admin headaches with simpler invoicing, enquiry handling, and finances.

“Famly really is a one-stop shop for everything you need. The parents find the invoicing overview so useful. Previously I had to send breakdowns to parents, but now they have all the information. That alone saves me so much time.”

Jenny Rowlands, Funclubs

Smarter nursery management

Giving you a helping hand with staff ratios, reduced paperwork and everything you need for Ofsted.

“From simple registration of both children and staff, to invoicing and having information about each child to hand this nursery management software gives you back time! It comes highly recommended.”

Elizabeth Halsey, Free Range Urban Kids

Easier learning journals

Observe, track, and plan more efficiently to get your practitioners back with the children.

“The online learning journeys have saved the staff time as it is so easy and quick to use. Famly really has been embraced here and has had a really positive impact for staff, parents and children.”

Pamela Cave, Spring by Action for Children

Free nursery resources

Free guides to give you inspiration and stories from successful nurseries across the UK.

See and try Famly for yourself
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