Famly Customers

A look at some of the nurseries who use Famly to help them provide outstanding childcare.

Going Beyond Expectations

We work with our nurseries every day to make sure they’re getting the best value from Famly. We support single settings, large nursery groups, after-school clubs and everything in between.
Famly have listened to our needs and shaped this fantastic software program to suit our specific setup. This software will benefit the nursery manager as well as the FD.
Elspeth Goldie

Craighead Country Nursery School
Owner and Manager

Fantastic software that has made a real difference to our nursery. Parents are very engaged and love the app!

Haley Larson

Bright Eyes Childcare Ltd
Finance & Admin

The software has changed our business it helps us manage occupancy, absence and parent communication.

Elizabeth Hassay

Free Range Urban Kids
Finance Director

It gives you TIME back! It does the work for you. Both on a management and FD level.

Let Us Show You Famly

Nursery management can be complicated. Let us show you how to simplify and improve it with Famly.