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We work with our nurseries every day to make sure they’re getting the best value from Famly. We support single settings, large nursery groups, after-school clubs and everything in between.

Customer Success Story

Free Range Urban Kids

Urban Free Range Kids is a fully outdoor nursery – and they operate all year round. Having to set up and pack down the whole setting every day, they needed to find a way to save time. Find out how they did it.

“This software has made invoicing, registering, keeping parents contact details up to date and keeping in touch with parents and staff much, much simpler. One of my best decisions this year!”

Nikki Smith, Little Learners Pre school

Customer Success Story

Homestead Day Nursery

Outdoor play is the key to everything at Homestead Day Nursery. Being a brand new setting, they knew they had to keep things tight and save time for the things that matter. Find out how they did it.

Customer Success Story

Kingwood Childcare and Pre-School

This 300+ children nursery switched nursery management software in less than 5 weeks. Read their story and find out how they did it.

“Famly have listened to our needs and shaped this fantastic software program to suit our specific setup. This software will benefit the nursery manager as well as the FD.”
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