Famly Customers

A look at some of the nurseries who use Famly to help them provide outstanding childcare.

Going Beyond Expectations

We work with our nurseries every day to make sure they’re getting the best value from Famly. We support single settings, large nursery groups, after-school clubs and everything in between.
From simple registration of both children and staff, to invoicing as well as having information about each child to hand, this management software program gives you back time!
Famly have listened to our needs and shaped this fantastic software program to suit our specific setup. This software will benefit the nursery manager as well as the FD.
The Famly team have been really receptive to our numerous suggestions and requests with many of them being fulfilled almost immediately and others currently in development.
I’d happily recommend Famly to any nursery thinking of implementing software to help their setting flow better and to give them more time to spend with the children

We provide unlimited support via phone, email and chat. We are always available to help you.


We tailor the setup process for each and every nursery to make sure it meets their specific needs.


Our learning centre includes a collection of step-by-step videos to help you with Famly day or night.

Let Us Show You Famly

Nursery management can be complicated. Let us show you how to simplify and improve it with Famly.