Child Development

Make observations on-the-go, share learning journeys, and plan in confidence with instant cohort tracking.

Everyone here absolutely loves the Child Development features and has really engaged with it right away. It’s had a really positive impact on planning and adding ever more structure to our activities.

Josh Hawthorne, Sunshine Day Nursery


Stop wasting time on scraps of paper or complex online systems and get parents truly involved.


Observations on any device, at any time. Jot down notes in the moment and finish them when it suits you.


Search child details instantly, connect with frameworks, and send observations seamlessly to parents.

Photo & Video Observations

Take evidence on a tablet or phone and note down observations as you go. Then come back to complete the observation when you’re ready, linking to frameworks and adding next steps.

Track & Plan

Observations can be sent instantly to parents or for further review, before being added to the learning journey and cohort tracking instantly. Plan better and save paperwork every day.

One System

Stop switching between systems, checking records or endlessly printing. Keep your observations, communication, and management all in one place and have it all at your fingertips.

More Features

  • Video & photo observations
  • Add next steps
  • EYO framework links
  • CoEL framework links
  • Baseline assessments
  • Observation refinements
  • Observation drafts
  • EYFS learning journeys
  • Cohort tracking & reporting
  • Observation review system
  • Filter reports by cohort
  • Child sign in/out app
  • Direct messaging
  • Parental permissions
  • Track food intake
  • Nap times & nappy changes
  • Child activity overview
  • Pincode for improved security
  • Secure and encrypted data
  • Continuous data backup
“The time we’ve saved with Famly has been considerable. In the rooms staff spend a lot less time completing communication books and forms now that it can all be done on the app.”

Claire Dancer, Manager, Kingwood Childcare & Preschool

One Integrated Platform

For All Your Needs

Child Attendance

Seamless child registration and sign-in app. Generate reports with the touch of a button.

Invoicing & Finance

Save time on invoicing and get a full overview of your revenue and debt at the click of a button.

Occupancy Control

Manage occupancy levels and capacity to ensure sustainability & improve forecasting.

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